Cybercrime Consultant

To be proactive , organizations should better understand present cybercrime and fraud trends.

I’m a former Private Investigator. Since 1999, our firm  provides investigations and consulting to corporations and their attorneys, companies, individuals, celebrities, and executives.  We began investigating intellectual property crimes, harassments , stalking, identity theft , net extortion, reputation, hacking and fraud, social network crime.  Our company specialises in online and IT related investigations. As cyber investigations experts, we have developed  tools to investigate these cases and social networking issues.

Cybercrime and Security Investigations – Alain STEVENS since 1999.

We help clients conduct large scale internal investigations, and provide a comprehensive cyber crime investigation services and solutions to prevent cybercrime fraud. The aim is to lower losses, minimize end user impact. Our private investigators have recognised the growing trend of online defamation and harassment, they are dealing with cyber-abuse and Internet-related issues.

We resolve growing cyber crime, frauds and security incidents including digital forensics, to deliver fast, focused digital investigations and practical, cyber security guidance, and  to help people to  protect themselves against e-criminals and scammers.

Cybercrime consultant since 1999 – Cyberdétective ®.

We have the global expertise and resources necessary to investigate a wide range of cybercrime activity,  for an effective investigation of cybercrime,
to conducts email and Internet related investigations, and forensic analysis of computer media.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Forensic Recovery
  • Anonymous email tracing
  • Domain Ownership
  • Identity Theft
  • Social Media Scams
  • Identity Reputation Management
  • IP address tracing
  • Chat/IM blocking and Tracking
  • Revenge Porn
  • Online harassment
  • Anonymous Internet Attack Investigations
  • Sexting, Texting
  • Imposter Profiles
  • Online Reputation Repair & Defense
  • Cyberstalking
  • Social Networking Investigations
  • Internet Safety
  • Sexual Predator Awareness
  • Romance Scams