Computer Science

How can I use computer science to help people?

Computer science skills is saving the world.  You might be very surprised to learn about the important roles computer scientists play in our life. The can solve problems, protect organizations, help education, or improve communication.In my career, I often thought during these early years that IT was complicated. By the way, when I discovered my first computer, a ZX Spectrum, you had to load your software with a magnetic tape. But quickly, word processing appeared, and working with files quickly became essential.

Although computers were originally created to solve mathematical equations, they have millions of functions. The development of computer and network technologies has progressed at a tremendous speed.

I’m not a software engineer. I’m essentially a self-taught computer geek who  tried to starte learning BASIC many years ago. Becoming a Self-Taught developer is the new trend.

In my my daily activities, even as Private Investigator, I didn’t find the tool to do my job  in good conditions

I created my private detective agency in 1999, to specialize in financial investigations, but quickly, I was contacted for business in which computing would take more and more space. It was the beginning of the first scams on the Internet, and even in traditional investigations, the search for digital information became indispensable.

Custom solutions
Custom solutions

But the solutions available did not allow me to do my job in good conditions. That’s why I started to get interested in computer science, programming, to create tools tailored to my needs.

IT consultant

I offer personalized assistance in computer, in the field of personalized training, SEO, security, management of your digital reputation, and of course the digital investigation.  My jobs which gave me a comprehensive overview of your needs. This means having a global vision in the search for global solutions.